He LOVES me! He LOVES me NOT!……….No.1

Brian OldhamDrown, 2012


So, hi. Um this blog is about three days old.

my dash is almost completely empty!

i was thinking, if i put this post in the avengers/marvel etc tags then people might see this

because i’m looking for people to follow who post marvel (especially the avengers and an extra + if you post a lot of bruce banner). you don’t have to be posting  A LOT of marvel but at least some.

so if you see this post, either:

reblog (to spread the word, that would be amazingly kind)

like (so that i can see that you’ve liked it and can go to your blog in order to follow)

follow me (so that i can see you in my list of followers and follow back)

it’s absolutely horrible when you find that fic with the tags that matches what you’re looking for so well, but it’s in another language


by bonjourcamila

Charwei Tsai

Love & Hydrogen Zeppelinoper – found in Mitte

"I always see in some magazines lines like:" Sting, environmentalist "and" Kurt Cobain, whiny, unhappy, neurotic, angry guy who hates everything and everyone,  hates fame and his own life. "But I’ve never been so happy as now. I’m a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am." - Kurt Cobain, 1993.

blacbirdfly replied to your post: i’m an emotional wreck because of bruc…

i feel your pain :(

it’s unbearable :’––( 


oi people of tumblr

if you run a fandom blog (or maybe just enjoy fandom on the dash)

then you should definitely follow my brother’s tumblr!

because he’s so so so close to his goal and he reaally wants to reach it. 

it’d make him so happppy pleaaaaaase 

or maybe you could reblog this so that you can spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!